Retaining Wall Installation. One of the most important parts of your home or commercial establishment that you should maintain is the front and back yard. That’s because it is the first spot that visitors or clients get to see the moment that they arrive at your premises. At Silverbrook Nursery & Landscaping, we can help you to do this.

Our staff is made up of professional technicians with skills in landscaping design and maintenance. With our headquarters in Southern Fairfax County, we are available to help you design the lawn at your home or business establishment such that it looks exactly as you desire. Here is more about our company and what we have to offer.

Retaining Wall Installation at Silverbrook Nursery & Landscaping

Established in 1987, our company has 25 years of experience in landscape design and maintenance. We have a staff of highly trained, certified and bonded landscaping technicians. Your satisfaction is our top priority. As such, we always strive to work with clients so as to deliver their desires. We utilize top quality equipment and highly evolved retaining wall installation skills whenever we work on your property. We also observe safety first in every project.

Thanks to more than 2 decades of experience, we have the ability to perform a variety of services for example retaining wall installation. Our landscaping expertise can be performed on two types of properties. They include:

• Residential properties

• Commercial properties

Under residential properties, we can prepare and work on your home front and back yards. In the category of commercial properties, we can work on your offices, business park, schools and medical facilities too. As such, our skills are versatile and can be applied almost anywhere.

Our services are further divided into:

• Landscaping design and installation

• Lawn maintenance

Landscaping design and installation

Have you ever wanted your landscape to look a certain way? If the answer is yes, then we are the company to consult for this service. At Silverbrook Nursery & Landscaping, we are capable of performing professional landscaping for your home. By doing this, we can increase the value of your residential property. How do we perform landscape design and installation? It is done through planting new flowers, trees and shrubs, establishing solutions for drainage as well as installing water features. We also erect stone walls, perform retaining wall installation and establish rock gardens as well. If you desire any of these services done professionally in your home, you can contact our company and we will deliver top quality results.

Lawn maintenance

For your home or business premises to stay beautiful throughout the year, it is important to perform maintenance. This is where activities such as lawn mowing, fertilizing, aeration and weeding are done regularly. We can perform all these activities for you. In addition to that, we also complete activities such as cleaning gutters, retaining wall installation, weeding, fertilizing and also seeding your lawns. Some of our services that are specially designed for commercial establishments. Examples of these include landscape lighting and pressure washing.


At Silverbrook Nursery & Landscaping, we are dedicated to providing high quality and long lasting lawn maintenance. You can find customer testimonials on our website and social media pages too. For professional landscaping, simply call us at (703) 690 – 1231. We are always available to achieve your vision.

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