A well-maintained lawn is a doorway to a beautiful office complex or home. We know this because it is our business to make those lawns appealing. At Silverbrook Nursery & Landscaping we specialize in not only managing your lawn but also in making sure that you have a lawn worth walking through. We’re the best in lorton va lawn care.

Lorton va lawn care

You do not have to keep on stopping your children and pets from playing on the lawns. We will ensure that they are able to comfortably play in the lawn by increasing the ability of your lawn to sustain considerable damage. That is why Silverbrook Nursey & Landscaping is among the best lawn care centers in Lorton, VA.

What to expect from us.

Intensive lawn care activities: We have a committed team to work on lawns. It really does not matter the state of your lawn or the size. What really matters is what the client wants. We will work on having tufty or bare lawns regain level fertilization rates. We will introduce the best-assorted vegetation from our nurseries in Lorton, VA, for your lawn.

Weed Control:

Your lawn is being choked by weeds? Have you tried various programs without success? Our lawn care experts in Lorton, VA, are here to assist you. We always labor on ensuring that those weeds are not a menace. Our solutions will leave your lawn free of weeds without harming the needed plants on your lawn.

Tree & Shrub Care:

Falling leaves from your trees and shrubs at an unexpected rate? Call us before you are left with bare branches. We recognize what shade means in the lawn, plus we understand the aesthetic value of trees. We will be able to diagnose the diseases and nutritional problems with your trees. Our team will give you excellent resolutions to restore and protect those tree and shrubs.

Aeration and Overseeding:

Overcrowding and lack of air in your seeding throttles their growth. Over-competition for nutrients will destroy most of those seeding before they mature. Our experts will help reduce this occurrence and give you the opportunity to see seeding grow into strong plants.

Pest control: Aphids, armyworms, and mealy bugs are just some of the pests we are well equipped to handle. You do not have to worry about having partially dead or dying plants with an efficient lawn care service provider in Lorton, VA at your disposal. We assure you that our fumigation will not harm those earthworms and bees.

Mosquito Control:

Stagnant water pools are not just a cause of waterlogged soils but also a breeding ground for mosquitos. We know how much you people cherish refreshing sleep. That is why we have diverse methods of dealing with the menace of mosquito breeding grounds in the lawn. All you have to do is to call us and you will be having a goodnight’s sleep courtesy of Silverbrooks Nursery and Landscaping.

Call us

We know that before talking to us, our clients always have aspirations. That is why we welcome you to talk to us. Our phone lines are always open for any question you might have. Better yet, book a consultation with us or walk into our lawn care offices in Lorton, VA. Let us make it faster, call us or email us and expect a reply within the shortest time.

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