If you are living in Lorton VA, you most definitely have been seeking for a lawn care service provider. We provide the best services about lawn care lorton va at budget friendly prices. Our services, thankfully, are not only limited to providing physical assistance but to also assist you in doing it on your own by providing guidance.

Lawn care lorton va

Any healthy and beautiful lawn starts with proper planning like preparing and selecting the right plants and grass for your lawn. Although many people understand the importance of doing this, they most often than not ignore the basics of lawn maintenance:

– Mowing the lawn in Lorton VA

When you decide to mow off your lawn, do this when the grass is high unlike the common practice of doing so when the grass is small. The advantage of cutting grass when it is at least more than one third of the grass blade, is that the weeds have set root and therefore can be rid of.

-Scalping the lawn in Lorton VA

It is also important to ensure that you do not end up scalping the lawn (cutting the grass when it is too short). Why is this important? Scalped lawns are often sparse and most often weak and this exposes the soil to the surface. In addition to all these, the lawn exposes the weed seedling to the sun hence encouraging its growth. This is something that you need in for your lawn care in Lorton VA. But if you can’t do this, we are available to do so for you.

– Maintaining the mower

One of the ways to maintain your mower is through keeping the mower blade sharp. If you keep the blades sharp, they will keep the grass trim while a dull blade leaves the lawn care in your property uneven. Also when mowing do ensure that you keep the mower height well adjusted for proper and trim work.

– Shady mowing

Ensure that your lawns grow in shady places because the grass ends up getting a large area to photosynthesize. This is key in your lawn care in Lorton VA.

– Time to mow

Remember to mow when the grass is dry for best results in the general outlook of your lawn. Dry grass, unlike wet grass, doesn’t clog the mower deck. Another advantage of cutting dry grass is that you end up with an even cut. Which is very important here for your lawn care in Lorton VA.

– Grass cycling

Grass cycling is basically letting grass clipping s lie on the lawn after cutting the grass (ignoring the grass clipping and not picking it up for some time). Good news is that the grass clippings act as a source of fertilizer and therefore helps you save some money on fertilizer in the long run. The cut grass decomposes quickly and with minimal stress, mess or fuss.

We can provide all the above stated services in your endeavor to your lawn care in Lorton VA. Even for your basic lawn care needs in Norton VA, we can definitely assist you. Healthy lawns are worth the time and effort, choose us to be your to –go- to lawn care in Lorton VA. Don’t hesitate to contact us to help you out with your lawn care needs. It is never too late to decide to take care of your lawn. As this will lead to a healthy looking lawn to hold your picnics with your family.

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