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The sore sight of having beautiful buildings and a poorly maintained surroundings is one thing that irks so many property owner and managers. Dull looking driveways, walkways, and lawns have the potential to lower the value of your property too.

You definitely don’t want that if you are going to insure your property or taken another mortgage using that property. To make the most of your property you might need to sit with professionals to carry out an in-depth look at your property’s landscape. That is one of the reasons Silverbrook Nursery and Landscaping exists.

We are an experienced landscape design service provider within Springfield, VA. We have been in the business for a considerable the number of years. Hence, we understand the general requirements of a model client. Yet again, those needs may be intrinsically different hence our ability to customize on a need basis.

Our landscape design offerings

Landscape design springfield va

Generally, landscape designing has one end goal; master plans. We have various offering for master plans but they can be divided into the following;

1. Black and white plans: Theses are simple plans that are all encompassing. They are suitable in cases where the landscape designs its simple without the need for diverse color changes or structural adjustments. For instance, if there is an introduction of a walkway or driveway where there had been none.

2. Colored view plans: Sometimes the project may require a specific color scheme. You as the client may want to heighten the views within the planning stage. Colored view plans may just be the right thing for you

3. 3d Imagery plans: When the structural view is not well exposed in the overhead view then we may require having a 3d view. The good thing with our 3d view plans is that we make them in such a way that you, the client, can add and remove some of the features that you think are not relevant to your needs. These plans are especially appropriate for water features, walls, and pools

What makes us exceptional?

Dedicated team:

We have one of the most committed teams of listening landscape designers in Springfield, VA. We will not only listen but also give our input to your idea. If the idea is not fully workable, then we will grant you other options.


Landscape designers are known to work on high budgets. Not us. We will work on a cut out payment scheme to ensure that we do not deny you the chance to change your property for the better. We work on understandings and budgets that will rarely change as long as our clients keep their end of the bargain.

Timely delivery:

Who wants designs that take years to be delivered? Definitely not us. And so we won’t take ages to deliver the quality design plan that you have asked for. The plans take between a few days to a few weeks depending on the complexity of the project. All through this period we will engage you to make sure we are producing what you require, not what we may think you need,

Large Portfolio:

We have one of the largest landscape design portfolios in Springfield, VA. Once you ask for our services we might be able to take you through our previous jobs. In so doing we believe you will be able to get what you require the most.

Contact us

Now that you have heard our side of the story, how about we hear yours? You can visit our landscape design offices in Springfield, VA. We are always open on weekdays and Saturdays until 5.00 PM. You can still call us or drop us an email. Alternatively, use the query forms on this website and we will make sure to reply as soon as possible.

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