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The landscape around your home or office building is an important element of your overall appearance. You should ensure that it is attractive so as to appeal to visitors and potential clients too. One of the ways to ensure that your landscape is beautiful is simply by contracting our services at Silverbrook Nursery & Landscaping. We are a professional landscaping company based in Southern Fairfax County.

Hardscaping services

A well-trained staff that is certified and highly skilled in the art of transforming your residential or commercial property into a personal sanctuary, plus owning the necessary tools and implements for a landscaping job of any scale. In addition to that, we have a nursery where you can find flowers, trees and shrubs of various types. Each of them is on sale at an affordable price for you. Here is more about our company, hardscaping services and the nursery as well.

All about Silverbrook Nursery & Landscaping

Our company was founded in 1987. We have more than 25 years of experience in the art of landscaping. Our founders are Buzz and Brian Haley and the company is run by the Haley family. As a result, the management and staff are all very closely knit. The main objective of our company is to provide you with service that is personalized, a relaxed atmosphere and satisfy your expectations.

Why should you landscape your home or commercial property?

There are many reasons why landscaping should be at the top of your property maintenance priority list. Firstly, when you landscape your home, it looks beautiful. This makes it increase in value. As a result, if you put it on the market, you can command higher prices and earn a bigger profit.

When you landscape your commercial property, it gains appeal among potential clients. They find it approachable and attractive. As such, they are more likely to solicit the services of your business. In contracting some hardscaping services, you earn some new clients and create a reputation for reliability and responsibility in the industry.

The Silverbrook Nursery & Garden Center

We can satisfy any gardening requirements and needs that you have through our Silverbrook Nursery & Garden Center. This is a park-like gardening one-stop shop. It covers more than 8 acres and contains all sorts of flowers, shrubs and trees that you can plant in your landscape at home or at your commercial building. In addition to that, we have an assortment of accessories for use in hardscaping services for you. Here is some of what you can find in our Nursery & Garden Center:

• Annual and perennial trees and shrubs

• Seasonal flowers

• Wrought iron decorations

• Ornamental planters

• Cut and live Christmas trees

• Water and pond decorations

• Bird baths

• Garden statues

We always have staff on hand to help you pick the most ideal trees, flowers or decorations for your home or commercial landscape. Moreover, anything you purchase can be delivered and installed at for you at an affordable rate.


If you are searching for a company to help you achieve your landscaping dreams, we can do it for you at Silverbrook Nursery & Landscaping. Not only do we have enough experience in hardscaping services, we also have the skills to handle landscapes of any size. You can get in touch with us by calling (703) 690 -1231 or simply sending an email to info@silverbrooknursery.com. We are always ready to hear from you and guarantee prompt response to your correspondence.

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