Hardscaping Clifton VA! Bare gardens and lawns without any hard surfaces can be as boringly beautiful. As such, gardens need a break from the monotony presented by the greenery and flowers. That is why hardscaping exists. Hardscaping entails the placement of hard stone or man-made surfaces at strategic points to accentuate the landscape design. In Clifton, VA, Silverbrook Nursery and Landscaping are a proven service provider for all manner of hardscaping needs.

Hardscaping Clifton VA

As a customer oriented service provider we take our time to pay attention to our customer’s needs. We deliver what we promise, and that is key to us. We advise on what we can give. Our range of services are as pocket-friendly as they are quality driven.

What do we offer?

Walkways and driveways:

Dull driveways and walkways will definitely take away some brownie points from your home. Our service takes into account the various styles that will complement your garden and home’s outlook. We will replace your chipped walkways while giving those ways an extra touch of charm.

Patio servicing:

At Silverbrook Nursery and Landscaping we understand how important your backyard is to the serenity of your home. As such our ability to create a sanctuary of your backyard is at the core of our services. We are able to use various materials such as flagstones, bricks, interlocking pavers or even a mix of all. All this is done while still retaining the uniqueness of that backyard.


Hardscaping is never complete without beautiful functional walls. Our hardscaping gurus based in Clifton, VA are able to implement various wall designs. Primarily our services mainly incorporate various materials to provide stone veneer and dry-stack walls. Our professionals can also do much more than that. We are able to provide the less popular timber walls if requested.

Water features:

Water points can be a livening feature to your surroundings. Furthermore, they can create an attraction point for animals such as birds and squirrels. Our hardscaping team is able to work on all forms of water features ranging from small bird fountains to fully fledged waterfalls. We do this in a manner that ensures that your watering points do not interfere with the water reservoir. Additionally, we can incorporate water life such as rich algae and fish to make the water features even more alluring.

Rain gardens:

Need a point to drain that rain water? Why not talk to us to help you create a beautiful rain garden? Our rain gardens are made to supplement the surrounding with a cool fresh air while providing the surrounding soil with water drainage. Moreover, the water can ingeniously be channeled back to the gardens. And which better service provider to do this than us, one of the best hardscaping providers in Clifton, VA?

Commitment to service

We are experts at what we do, but you have the last word on what you require. Ours is to advise and deliver within the shortest timelines. Yet, all this begins from a point of discussion. Our open discussion policy guarantees that our team will listen to you as you describe that mental picture. We will then design all that and ask for your input before implementing it on the ground.

Contact us

So now that you have that mental picture, why not call us? Our lines are always open with dedicated listeners always waiting to come to your assistance. Alternatively, drop us an email and expect a very fast and helpful reply.

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